We are a national community of writers with chapters in several provinces – writers at home in migration: we traverse figurative and geographical boundaries across Canada’s main drags and backroads. In Toronto we curate a monthly reading series, host a writers group that meets bi-monthly to share work, and we promote the various literary activities of our members.

The Trust began in Fredericton, New Brunswick, a wee nuthatch in the hearts of our Cannonball Captain Jordan Trethewey, and Eagle Eye Ryan Griffith. The Trust is now a thundering buffalo tearin’ up the inter-provincial rails. In the Fall of 2009 we will have chapters open for hitchin’ rides in Fredericton, Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, Calgary, Saint John and St. John’s.

We also embark on annual writers expedition. In August of 2008 we traveled by ferry along the Southern Coast of Newfoundland, a place which is undergoing some remarkable transitions. We were witness to a way of life that within a decade will no longer exist as the province can’t support a lot of these tiny port towns now that their industries (fishing, mining) have collapsed. Read about it here, in the Winter 2009 issue of QWERTY magazine, available on backorder from the lovely folks in the Q Continuum.

Our next big adventure: West! WEST! North! ALBERTA – to the oilsands!

In Toronto we gratefully acknowledge the support of Charlie Huisken, Jesse Huisken, James Gunn and This Ain’t the Rosedale Library (RIP); DJ Bronson Lee; Christopher Brown and the Cultural and Artistic Leadership Program of the National Theatre School of Canada. 

Email us for info on our events, or how to become a Vagabond: thevagabondtrust@gmail.com.

And read about our East Coast rail-brothers and road-sisters at their blog HERE


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