The Workshop Strikes Back!

April 5, 2010

We’ve been on hiatus for the Fall and Winter while we gather reserves and gumption, but now the air monkeys are on hand, and the Big E is ready to bend the rail and beat ‘er on the track.

In another lexicon: the Vagabond Trust is back and hosting regular Writers Workshops thanks to the command of Captain Georgia Webber.

We meet approximately every 2 weeks. If you’re a professional writer (meaning you may make a living teaching, coaching, waiting, motherin’/fatherin’, rock n’ rolling, or being a professional student, but you are devoted to the craft of writing!) then you are welcome in our camp.

Next Writer’s Meets:

Monday, April 5th at 7pm

Sunday, April 18th at 5pm

Monday, May 3rd at 7pm

Sunday, May 16th at 5pm

Monday, May 31st at 7pm

Remember that participation in our workshops does not hinge on everybody having new work to show every week. Your presence is valuable no matter if you’re reading or critiquing! We love to have you around. Email us for details on our not so secret location:

Drownin’ it out,

Your Local Vagabonds


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